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1Source http://www.runes.info/pieces/runepiece03 Origins of the Runes [Edit]Runen
No-one knows exactly how old the runes are. Rune-like symbols appear as cave markings as early as the late Bronze Age (circa 1300 BC), and they are mentioned in the Bible, but their use in ritual and as an oracle for consultation must certainly pre-date their use as a written language.
2Source http://www.rune-meanings.co.uk/ Oswald the Runemaker [Edit]Runen
This website is all about runes. You will find advice and information on rune meanings including guidance on the upright, reverse and converse interpretations of runes in divination rune-spreads or rune-casts.
3Source http://runen-orakel.blogspot.com/ Runen Orakelsysteem [Edit]Runen
Deze informative site gaat in op Runen, etimologische bespiegelingen en relaties naar de Tarot kaarten.